June 15, 2021

The story behind Mercedes | Facts about Mercedes-Benz

 Today we are revealing some interesting and surprising facts about one of the most dominant and long-lasting brands in the luxury automotive industry for this we are going to focus all of our attention on Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz class

    How Mercedes-Benz was formed?

    Mercedes-Benz was established when two German automobile companies run by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz merged to create the Daimler-Benz patent company in 1926 and soon after it was renamed, Mercedes-Benz

    The first Mercedes-Benz owned by Hitler

    The first joint car they produced was the Mercedes 770 model which Hitler was known to drive with a bulletproof windshield over the used. Mercedes-Benz has been a leader in innovation in technology and safety and has developed some of the most popular luxury cars of all time. 

    Mercedes's slogan is the best or nothing and we know this reflects the mindset of many people out there. Mercedes-Benz is an excellent source of inspiration for future billionaires due to their luxury mindset in forward-thinking ways not to mention their longevity and their drive for success.

    Now let's take a look at the facts you didn't know about Mercedes-Benz:

    Karl Benz created the first modern automobile. Karl Benz was actually the first to create and patent the model automobile in 1886 his vehicle was called the patent motorwagen and it was comprised of 3  wheels a Steel Tube frame of wooden panels in a small gasoline-powered engine it only had two-thirds HP. But Karl had to start from somewhere his wife Bertha Benz financed and marketed the invention.

    Story Behind Naming Mercedes

    Mercedes's name came from an 11-year-old girl. The Mercedes brand name came about as a result of Austria diplomat and racing enthusiast Emil Jellinek insisting that the series of 36 sports cars he ordered from the Daimler company be renamed after his 11-year-old daughter Mercedes. 

    The car was completed in 1901 and Jellinek dominated in every racing event entered with them. Daimler decided to stick with the name after quickly developing an impressive reputation and they trademarked the brand in 1902.

    The invention of the Brake pad

    Bertha Benz was the first person to take a road trip in a modern automobile. Bertha Benz the wife of Karl Benz brought National attention to the Benz patent motorwagen when she and her sons drove the car over 130 miles round trip. The first time the automobile had been driven a considerable distance. She took off without telling her husband with her two sons aged 13 and 15 hoping to prove the viability of the invention. 

    But people were not used to seeing cars on the road so many became frightened and some even thought the horseless carriage was to work of the devil she solves several problems with the automobile along the way like cleaning a blocked few lines with her hat pin and having a cobbler install leather when the wooden breaks began to fail to make the world's first pair of the brake pad.

    What does the 3-point logo represent in Mercedes?

    Evolution of Mercedes Benz logo

    The three-pointed logo almost had a fourth point added, the Mercedes-Benz three-point logo represents its domination of the land, air, and water. The Logo has evolved through the years with the first three-point starter being used in 1909, there was discussion about adding the fourth point to represent space as well.

    The First Driver's License

    Karl Benz was given the very first driver's license individual states and countries started exploring the need to issue driver's licenses in the early 1900s but Karl Benz had the distinction of being the first to secure a license to operate a motor vehicle. 

    In 1888 he requested written permission from local authorities after there had been several complaints in his community about the noise and smell of his first modern automobile prototype.

    Now, who owns the Mercedes?

    Daimler Ag | Mercedes | Maybach | AMG

    Daimler AG owns Mercedes. Daimler-Benz was transitioned over a new name Daimler AG in 1998, They own all of Mercedes divisions such as Benz, the AMG, and a Maybach.

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