May 02, 2021

The Inventor of Aeroplane | Story of Shivkar Talpade

 The whole world knows that the first airplane was flown by Wright Brothers, But what the world doesn't know is that 8 years before the Wright Brothers one Indian scholar named Shivkar Bapuji Talpade had already made and flown an unmanned plane in the sky.

Shivkar bapuji talpade |Inventor of Aeroplane| Hawai jahaz

    Story of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade

    The story of a genius who is unrecognized even though he made an invention that proves a turning point in the history of mankind Shivkar Bapuji Talpade was an Indian scholar who constructed and flew an unmanned airplane in 1895.

    Shivkar Talpade was born in the area of Chira Bazar locality of Mumbai in 1864, he was a scholar of Sanskrit literature and the Vedas. He completed his full education at Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art (JJ School of Arts) Ph.D. degree.

    How he got Interested in Aeronautics

    At the age of 30, he came to know about ancient Indian Aeronautics through his teacher Chiranjilal Verma who encouraged him to read Swami Dayanand Saraswati's works related to ancient Aeronautics. Inspired by these texts, Talpade decided to construct the Vedic Vimana which is described in the Vedas and he started learning the Vedic Sanskrit language. 

    Talpade got assistance from his teacher Mr. Shastri. Mr. Shastri made a big contribution to the invention of the airplane and believed in Talpade's knowledge.

    Pioneer of Unmanned airplane / Construction of Plane

    Talpade started creating an unmanned airplane using the Mercury ion as fuel. His airplane was named Marut Sakha which means friend of wind. This airplane is supposed to have been inspired by Vimana an ancient flying machine in Hindu mythology

    In 1895, Talpade demonstrated his airplane on Mumbai beach in front of a crowd of hundreds, famous people like Lomanya TilakMahadev Govinda Ranade, and King Sayajirao Gaikwad II were present in this incredible event.

    Demonstration of airplane

    This airplane(Marut Sakha) sustained flight for a few minutes it flew to a height of approximately 1,500 feet and then fell down to earth. 

    Shivkar Talpade needed funds to continue his research to create a bigger airplane where a man could travel. King Sayajirao Gaikwad, II was amazed by his experiment and promised to provide funds for more research.

    How Britishers pulled Shivkar Talpade down

    Britishers pulled Shivkar Talpade down

    But due to pressure from the British government, King couldn't keep his promise.

    The British government did everything to suppress Talpade's experiment. But somehow he managed to get funds for his experiment.

    He did everything to survive his experiment from the Britishers.

    But surprisingly British government arrested him by claiming that he was making explosives from mercury. Then after Talpade spent many years in jail by the time he came out of jail Wright brothers had already invented airplanes. 

    Britishers never wanted an Indian to make the first invention or any invention.

    Claimed for his Experiment

    Years after the invention of the Wright Brothers. Talpade died in 1916 without getting any credits for his experiment. Some of his students tried to put forward his invention so that Talpade could get deserved credits for his inventions.

    But the world was not ready to accept that airplanes could fly by using a mercury ion engine. 

    Talpade's Experiment was proven right

    Finally, in the 21st century, NASA has successfully demonstrated mercury ions as fuel and doing more research to use it in spaceships. 

    His mistake was he never patented his invention.

    Despite this great invention he never got such recognition or credits in his whole life.

    Hats Off to this Indian scholar who devoted his life to Invention which would have re-write the future of the human race.

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