April 03, 2021

Ctrl+Alt+Del: The invention that made our life easy

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 It all starts with the IBM personal computer, the most advanced computer machine ever created. However, this isn't the story of the computer. But a story about when computers stop working. The man who created a way started all over. The man who invented Control-Alt-Del.

    Who created Ctrl-Alt-Del?

    Control-Alt-Delete | David Bradley founder

    He was Dr. David Bradley. Back in 1980, he worked in IBM's personal computer. His particular job was writing basic input outputs in systems. Even with an elite team of engineers and designers, not everything goes smoothly when you build a computer. 

    The programs that ran most of the time got failed the only way to reset the system was to turn the power off and wait a while to turn the power back on it would go through a very long self-test but the system might die every 5 to 10 mins.  It was not easy.

    Where did Ctrl-Alt-Del come from?

    What he needed was away, shortcut to restart the process. One thing that came out after their discussion was to put a Reset Button on it but if a reset button was put on the system board there was a chance that if it could hit by mistake then all the data would get lost.

    Many engineers worked on it but could not find a solution. So after many attempts, the solution they came up with was a three-key sequence that would reset to this computer.

    And a new coding hits by mistake a single Control key a single Alt key, and then all the way over at the right-hand side a single Delete key when you hit Control-Alt-Delete, You're are deleting everything that you're working out right now, and starting new. 

    Wasn't it great at that time to come up with this invention?

    When does it get popular?

    Even though it was built only as a development tool, programmers began incorporating the features in their applications from there it was released into the while but didn't immediately reach pop culture status for years it was no big deal.

    Then suddenly on the 20th anniversary of the IBM PC that's when Ctrl-Alt-Del became a sort of cultural icon the reason behind this was Bill Gates, it was the simplest and easiest way to fix your problem and hit control alt del start all over.

    Now, this is very interesting on asking Dr. David about his invention.

    Interesting answer by Dr. David

    the history of Ctrl-Alt-Del | Meme on Ctrl-Alt-Del

    On asking Dr. David about his invention Cnt-Alt-del, he answered that he got a lot of things with IBM but all everybody remembers is CONTROL-ALT-DELETE. But taking the fame of CONTROL-ALt-DELETE means he worked on a very successful Product.

    The man did this invention when he was in his 40s and now he is 71.

    Things to learn from this invention

    Inventing new things from the existing ones was not an easy task at that time. But what we can learn from this invention is that,

    There is always a solution to a problem trying to solve may find a way.

    There is always a Way you only have to find the Will.

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