August 15, 2021

Mini Stamping Machine Mechanism | Mini Project

 A machine was made by using the Slider crank mechanism for indexing purposes which reduces human interaction. The main objective was to make machinery for stamping and provide a machine with low cost, high accuracy, less floor area, and less interaction of human beings. As it comes under Kinematics of Machinery. The slider-crank mechanism reduces the floor space while it also makes the loading, unloading, and indexing simply within one mechanism.

KOM | Stamping mechanism
A Mini Stamping Machine Mechanism

Stamping is a process for producing text or images using a master form or templates. Every industry requires stamping to obtain a finished product and to advertise its product to its customers. Stamping of details on the products can be done either manually or automatically. Here we are highlighting the use of a manually working stamping machine that works on the slider-crank mechanism. The Slider-crank mechanism is a particular four-bar link configuration that exhibits both linear and rotational motion simultaneously. Slider cranks are of two types: In-line and offset. Here in this project offset type of slider-crank mechanism is used.

Offset: If the line of travel of the hinged joint of the slider does not pass over through the base pivot of the crank, the slider movement is unsymmetric. It moves faster in one direction rather than the other.

Construction & Working

Slider-crank mechanism, the alignment of mechanical parts designed to transform straight-line motion to rotary motion or vice versa. The stamping machine mechanism is based on the slider-crank mechanism. The basic nature of this mechanism and the relative motion of the parts can be described. 

In this mechanism, there are 3 fixed links, 3 movable links, and a crank wheel that moves circularly. The fixed frame or block has 3 fixed links; the first fixed link is connected to the crank. The crank rotates circularly and transmits its rotating motion into sliding motion using a pin joint (rivet) to another link attached to the fixed link. At the end of the last link, the stamp is fixed to it so that it can only follow a path on which it can trace it, the stamp follows a certain circular path (fixed) on which it touches the datum.

The video demonstrates how the project works.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Stamping is faster and requires less labor and machine work, so it is the most cost-effective even in the metal forming method today.
  • The perfect way to manufacture large quantities of products.
  • The stamping process can be completed in less time as compared to stamping done by hand.
  • Other mechanisms can be used by replacing the slider-crank mechanism. Compared to an automatic stamping machine, this machine is slow and less productive.
  • The product finish is not so good when compared to the automatic stamping machine.
  • An automated electric-powered stamping machine is a good option over a manually operated machine.


The applications of a slider-crank mechanism are:

 A reciprocating engine, Rotary engine, Oscillating cylinder engine, Hand Pump, Scotch Yoke, Oldham's coupling, Elliptical Trammel, stamping machine. The easy way to understand the slider-crank mechanism is the hand pump as one can practically test that and can have experience with the mechanism.

So, the mechanical structure of the stamping machine working by the mechanism of the Slider Crank was successfully designed. With the help of a slider-crank mechanism, we got sufficient time to stamp on the desired position as well as to feed the paper at the desired time. Hence, we designed a structure that operates at low cost, with low time consumption, and with ultimate accuracy. Hence this design is purely based on, mechanical structure. 


So, to conclude in this stamping machine mechanism rotary motion is transmitted through the movable links using pins(rivets) which gets converted into stamping on the datum.

This project was done by me and my team during my second year of engineering. And also you can see the other project on Fluid mechanics. Hope you'll like it! If so please do comment down below about your views.

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