September 25, 2020

Don't Just Sit There! Want To Give GATE Exam? Benefits Of Giving It?

 What is the GATE Exam?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) is an all-India examination conducted by the five IITs and IISC on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India.

The GATE exam is for graduate students but this year's (2020) announcement has done that the 3rd-year engineering students can also appear for the GATE exam from 2021 onwards.  

All about Gate exam

Should we appear for the GATE exam in 3rd year?

One question that will stay in mind is whether we should appear for the Gate exam in the 3rd year? This is a great opportunity for all the engineering students that the Gate exam can be given or conducted from the 3rd year itself.

I think that taking a gate exam in the 3rd year can help if you do not know what to do further after graduation giving competitive exams can help you to build your concepts strong and can broaden your mind. Sitting still and wasting years after graduation cannot help and get confused about what I should do. Exploring or Attempting these exams can teach a lot.

Gate Exam | Importance of Gate Exam

Also, you must know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India, many of them have lost their job or even experienced once have loosed.
The scenario has changed drastically we do not know whether we can get jobs in a good company after graduation, Think about it. 

So giving an attempt for these types of exams can help a lot.

Benefits of taking the GATE exam:-

  • It is an opportunity for students to acquire an M.Tech degree in their area of interest subjects.

  • You can land government jobs like PSUs.
  • If your marks are good enough you can be part of top IITs and NITs for masters and many more.
  • More and better companies are coming for campus placements in leading institutes.
  • You can get admission to NITIs if your score is good enough.
  • Higher salaries are being offered to M.Tech as compared to B. Tech.
  • To all the gate-qualified student stipends or scholarship is provided per month for studying.
  • Many other options are also open if we qualify for GATE, such as R&D, and DRDO.

But this cannot be possible if you do not study for these types of competitive exams
After all, these are competitive exams sometimes you do not come up to your expectations so don't be sad, this is the experience you will get from these exams. So keep trying don't lose hope.

Remember nothing will be wasted even knowledge.

Success is base on Persistence, not Luck

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